Education Is Not Expendable

I truly hate to sound like the cliché older person, but I cannot understand this generation of millennials. They apply for a job, they make it through the interview, they get hired, but when they get to the part where they actually have to work it’s like they hit a brick wall. I had three young women come to my work location for training; out of the three 2 of them almost immediately began telling me what they were not going to do, then got upset when I told them they were not going to have a job and to leave. Without violating any confidentiality, I work in home health care and take care of individuals with disabilities in their homes. That said, it is a daily activity to change adult diapers, change bed sheets, and wash the soiled items. These twenty-somethings can’t seem to grasp simple tasks. For example, I came into work one day and a client had soiled his bed. I removed the soiled bedding and washed it. I then went to his closet to get clean sheets and a blanket. When I grabbed a set of neatly folded sheets from the closet I noticed they were dripping wet with urine. One of these girls had taken soiled bedding and instead of washing it she folded it up neatly and placed it the closet with the other clean items. A few days later, after I had already spoken to her about it. I go to take laundry out of the dryer and fold it. When I open the dryer I am hit with the strong smell of heated piss. Again, the same girl had removed soiled bedding and instead of washing it placed it directly into the dryer. I open the washing machine to wash the sheets and when I pull out the clothing from the washer it is covered in feces. The client had had a bowel movement in his pants and instead of cleaning the feces out of the clothing she put the clothing into the washer with the entire bowel movement still in it creating a horrible mess that required me to scrub the inside of the washing machine, filled it with bleach and run it through several cycles empty to get it clean. Needless to say I fired her, then she had the gall to claim it was discrimination because she was mixed. Luckily for me I had kept thorough documentation that I required her to read and sign each time about each incident. A few weeks after that I received a new staff to replace her. Again, I get sent a 20 year old. Her work ethic was slightly better, but required me to remind her to do things daily. She had provided me with her availability and I made her a schedule according to that.After a month or so I get a call from my boss saying this staff was in the office complaining about her pay check and she needs more hours. She had provided me with her availability as I said, 24 hours each week. She was in the office demanding that she get at least 32 hours each week to survive. I said that if she provides me with more availability I had no problem giving her more hours. She got angry and yelled that wasn’t possible, the availability she provided was all that she was available. I responded by saying that without more availability I could not give her more hours. She then stated to my boss that he needed to make me figure it out. I responded by saying “You are only available 24 hours each week. I schedule you 24 hours each week. I max out what you are available. And that is a total of 24 hours. If you have no other availability explain to me how you expect to get more than 24 hours each week.”Her response was that I needed to figure it out. I responded by saying that she needed to take a math class because you can’t just magically make numbers bigger than they are and that she was not going to get paid for 32 hours each week when she only worked 24 hours. She began to yell and at that point my boss stated that he would take care of it and hung up. The most disturbing part of all of this is that every one of these young women I have mentioned are college students and mothers and they are that unskilled and ignorant. I am not sure how they are going to survive adulthood.

That being said, I am going to complain about my generation as well. I get employees around my age from time to time and some that are even older, and the majority of them act just like the 20 year olds I previously described. What the Hell is happening to this world? Is there something in the water causing people to lose intelligence? And if things are this bad now, how much worse will it be 10 years from now? Or 20? The president keeps cutting funding to the public schools so things are only going to get worse. Education is not something that should ever be considered expendable. And the current state of things is proof of that very statement. I will be writing a letter to my congressman and asking him to push to increase funding of public school. I hope and pray that anyone that reads this does the same.

3 thoughts on “Education Is Not Expendable

    1. That part actually makes it a bit worse. Before they get sent to me they sit in an orientation class and watch videos that detail what the job entails and they still seem to make it through all of that, take written tests over the videos, and still try to come in there saying what they won’t do. I can’t imagine ever walking into a job on day 1 and telling my boss that I am not going to do something after being there 30 seconds. I would expect to get fired.

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