Techno-dependent World

When a phone is smarter than the person using it is it more aware than they are as well?

Earlier today I went to lunch with a friend. She had me meet her at this little family owned diner I had never been to before. We went inside, took off our coats and sat down. As we were looking over our menus I could hear a young man a few tables over complaining to the waitress that he did not have a signal and they should provide wifi to their customers. The waitress said that was the whole point. The owners had a signal blocker installed so that when patrons come in to eat they can actually speak with the people they are dining with and enjoy their food instead of just eating it while looking online or playing a game.

That really made me think for a minute and I began to look around at everyone else that was there for their lunch. The majority were 40ish or older and they were engaged and smiling as they enjoyed each other’s company. The rest that were younger than that stuck out like sore thumbs. They were visibly uncomfortable as they sat there, not talking, not making eye contact, useless cell phones sitting on the table while they squirmed in their seats. Once they got their food they ate quickly and left, while the older crowd was still savoring their meal and their company.


I found all of this made me feel very relieved and peaceful. For the first time all day I wasn’t thinking about my job, my clients, bills, or the endless list of tasks that come with being a mother. I was able to sit there with my friend from high school whom I hadn’t seen in 21 years and I enjoyed every minute of it

Beautiful landscape

It was a small thing that had a huge impact and I now find myself craving more of it. the simplicity, the peace, and tranquility.

I spoke to my husband about it and we agreed that from now on when we dine out we will be going to this diner and we have implemented a new house rule of no electronics of any kind at the dinner table. we shall see how it goes and I will update you all n a few weeks once I have time to gather enough information for a conclusive result.

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