I have to start by saying that I am at a loss when it comes to Donald Trump. The things we know that he has done should be enough to lock him up forever. He is detaining more than 14,000 children at the border and has stated that he will not release them until he gets the funding for his wall. A federal judge ordered him to release the children and Trump has ignored the ruling. In other words he has kidnapped all of these children, is holding them hostage until he gets the ransom he demands and he is in contempt of court. Before the midterms he made a big deal about the caravan heading for the border, then it was released that he had paid several of them to be a part of that caravan, midterms ended and he stopped talking about the caravan, now with the election in Mississippi the caravan is his main topic. He was told by a federal judge that he cannot change the constitution and asylum seekers are permitted to head to the border and seek asylum. Trump again violated the ruling and sent the military to the border where tear gas was fired into Mexico at unarmed civilians including women and children. He launched gas at civilians outside of American soil. This is a war crime. In fact it was the very reason we went to war with Iraq back in the day because gassing civilians is wrong. Trump has fired one man whom was investigating him, that was obstruction, not he refuses to cooperate with the current investigation, again obstruction. He claims he has done nothing wrong and it is a witch-hunt. Yet he is pushing for Kavenaugh to make it illegal to investigate or prosecute a president. Why does he need this type of immunity if he has done nothing wrong? Stormy Daniels accused Trump of having an affair with her. He denied these claims and stated that she was violating a non-disclosure agreement by talking about it. Why is there an NDA if he never had an affair? Then Trump sent federal agents to follow Stormy and bust her for any little thing she does wrong. They followed her to her job at a strip club and arrested her when a male patron touched her, saying that she allowed him to. Why is no one doing anything about him using federal money and agents for his own personal vendetta? He made a statement that as President he had absolute power to issue a pardon to himself or anyone he felt like, even before charges are filed. Why would he make that statement if he, his family,and his other minions have not violated any laws? During his campaign he publicly led the charge for Hillary Clinton to be “locked up” for using an unsecure email. Now his daughter, Ivanka, has done the very same thing and he is defending her saying that it was not a crime. His son spent $100,000 for a vacation that the government paid for. Melania went to Egypt for 6 hours,checked into the Seniramis Intercontinental Cairo hotel. The rooms range in price from $119 to $699 per night, her bill for a 6 hour visit was $95,050 and Trump refuses to provide an itemized receipt or disclose what the money was spent on.

He spends more time at his golf resorts than the White House. He then bills the government for his stay at his own property.

Why is this being allowed? I don’t get a check from the government for spending time on any of my properties.

During his campaign he mocked a disabled reporter on live tv then tried to say it never happened and was fake news even though he is on video saying it. He bragged that a perk of being a celebrity was that he could just walk up to any woman and grab her by the pussy and nothing would happen to him. He has committed an act of war by gassing unarmed civilians on foreign soil. He endorses and defends ICE even though they are currently facing thousands of Sexual assault and rape allegations from detainees. He calls Mexicans rapists when it is the Mexicans being raped by American ICE agents.

Donald J. Trump has at every turn been proven to be a liar,a thief, and extortionist, an adulterer, racist, sexist, rapist/ sexual assailant, war criminal the list goes on. Americans need to stand up and demand Congress takes action now to stop this monster and all of the damage he is doing.

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